The Allegheny Green Web coalition is comprised of official Partners, who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), as well as Advisory Members. Click the “View Directory” button below, to view: each Partner's programs and services, related to public trails and green space connections; their primary contact; and the primary contacts of our Advisory Members.

If you’re a municipal representative, and you need help understanding which Partners/Advisory Members to contact regarding your project needs, please contact our Coordinator, Loralyn Fabian, at Loralyn[at]alleghenygreenweb.org for assistance, or by using the contact form below.


We offer letters to our Partners, municipalities, and other stakeholders who are fundraising for connectivity projects and programs that help to implement, and are aligned with, the vision of the Allegheny Green Web. Please note: we do have project and program criteria that must be met, in order for a letter to be issued.

If you are interested in receiving a letter for your project or program from the coalition, please contact our Coordinator, Loralyn Fabian, at Loralyn[at]alleghenygreenweb.org, or by clicking the button below.

Most importantly, we strongly encourage you to seek letters of support from the individual Partners of the coalition, and to contact Allegheny County to ensure that the project is consistent with the Allegheny County comprehensive plan (view the AGW Directory above).



Starting in 2021, the Allegheny Green Web is recommending that municipal staff/officials, and coalition Partners and Advisory Members continue on-going engagement through the Allegheny County Trail Talk format: free, casual forums, by video call, to discuss and collaborate on public trails and green space connections.

View an example Trail Talk flyer below to learn more about the purpose and benefits.

Please contact our Coordinator, Loralyn Fabian, at Loralyn[at]alleghenygreenweb.org, or by using the contact form below, to request a copy of the flyer properly filled out for your meeting.


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